Bullying, no thanks!

Target audience: secondary schools, businesses, municipalities

In his new conference, Hugo Girard addresses a crucial subject that affects schools, the workplace and personal life: bullying.

In his career, Hugo himself faced harassment and witnessed several bullying situations. But by being attentive to toxic behavior and taking action quickly, he has always managed to find his place, to give himself tools and to denounce these situations so as not to tolerate them.

Through his conference, Hugo encourages the prevention of bullying by raising awareness among his audience. He gives concrete strategies and tools to defend and trust yourself, and those who bully ways to change their behavior. According to him, denouncing and seeking the necessary resources are essential steps.

This conference is aimed at secondary schools, businesses and municipalities. Because bullying can affect each of us, regardless of our age or status.

Conference on bullying in schools

Who is this conference for? Students, teachers, social workers and parents.

Did you know that approximately 27% of young people aged 12 to 17 have experienced bullying?

Hugo Girard’s conference in schools aims to raise awareness, recognize and denounce intimidating behavior, by providing tools and concrete strategies to deal with it. People who are bullied are often afraid to take action to stop it. By being more aware and equipped, students will regain control of their lives and will be more empowered to stop inappropriate behavior.

Self-confidence is at the heart of his message. Hugo insists on the importance of believing in themselves, recognizing their value and not being afraid to take their place. He encourages young people to develop an action plan and take concrete steps to strengthen their self-esteem.

The question period following the presentation allows students to express themselves and share their experiences and concerns on the taboo subject of bullying.

Conference on Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace

Who is this conference for? Employees, executives, managers and human resources advisors.

In a work context, did you know that nearly 8% of people who have held a job over the past 12 months have experienced harassment in Quebec?

In his workplace conference, Hugo Girard shares concrete strategies to prevent and denounce abusive behavior. Having already suffered professional harassment himself, he chose to trust himself and take his place by quickly denouncing.

Based on his experience, Hugo encourages setting boundaries, gaining support from management and establishing clear sanctions for unacceptable behavior. Absenteeism and reduced productivity are all consequences of a toxic work environment.

His conference is a great source of inspiration and a call to action for a healthy work environment.

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