A conference to raise employee awareness of workplace health and safety issues

A customized occupational health and safety conference for companies

Drawing on his background as an athlete, former police officer, entrepreneur, speaker and spokesperson for several companies, Hugo Girard raises awareness of the importance of health and safety issues in the workplace, and helps employees develop the right tools. The story of this multi-faceted man’s professional and personal journey is a beautiful testimonial that serves as inspiration to excel at work and at the same time prevent accidents.

From patrol techniques to strict adherence to procedures, Hugo has been constantly learning about workplace safety throughout his policing career. As an athlete, he has also integrated mental and physical preparation techniques. Being the best you can be, and giving yourself the chance to be, is the philosophy that has guided her professional and personal life.

As a contractor and gym owner, Hugo Girard also has a duty to ensure the health and safety of his employees. He knows the importance of respecting his employer and understanding the health and safety issues inherent in his work, so he can develop the tools to deal with them. He knows that any shortcoming or slackness can have serious consequences.

Having worked in construction himself, he knows that efficiency cannot take precedence over safety. The real importance lies in the quality of the work carried out on a daily basis, always ensuring the health and safety of every employee.

His lecture is a personalized, human experience based on his rich professional background. His message is clear: it’s essential to be at your best to maintain health and safety at all times.

Une conférence en SST adaptée à vos besoins

During an initial meeting with you, Hugo Girard takes the time to understand your company’s reality and specific needs. He then adapts his talk to raise awareness among your employees, based on his own experience. For Hugo, it’s all about using the right techniques at the right time, and taking your time to do things right.

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